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About Us

We are one of the most experienced companies exclusively selling and distributing AAC in the United States, the Caribbean Islands and in Western Canada.

A few of our notable AAC projects include:

  • •  The Metropolis Center for the DOE and the DOD in Los Alamos NM

  • •  24 Miles of interstate highway sound wall in Phoenix AZ

  • •  The Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. Convention Center Substation in Las Vegas NV

  • •  The Ganado Sports Pavilion in Ganado AZ

  • •  The Acoma-Sky City Cultural Center in NM

  • •  The Louisiana Medal of Honor Monument in Belle Chasse LA

  • •  Numerous other industrial, commercial, multi-family and residential projects in the last 12 years



AAC West LLC is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our natural resources by using concrete products and natural earth materials that will save energy and protect our environment. We choose Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) due to the numerous superior inherent qualities and in the "Total Green Concept" the carbon foot print left behind by AAC is a fraction of that left by competing products.


AAC West LLC will advocate and specialize in the use of Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) in the western United States for the construction of sustainable "GREEN" residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We dedicate an intense effort to educate the public about alternatives to wood and other building materials that do not compliment the environment and discourage energy savings. AAC West LLC commits to safer, sustainable, energy efficient residential, commercial and industrial structures that will give the owner's and their community's greater long term value.


Bob was introduced to Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in 1999 and immediately began specializing in the use of AAC. He saw the advantages in the building material and became one of the pioneers of AAC in the Southwest U.S.

From 1999 through 2020, Bob helped form  AAC installation companies in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, the Caribbean Islands, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Personal Background and Credentials:
Higher education includes an associate degree earned in Electronics at the USAF in 1972

Top Secret security clearance working with Minuteman Nuclear Missiles

Professional and Service Associations:

  • •  National Association of Homebuilders (past state President of the Wyoming homebuilders)

  • •  Cheyenne Frontier Days Contract Acts Committee

  • •  Lions Club

  • •  The Kingman Rodeo (past President)

  • •  Kingman Contractors (past President)

  • •  Past board member of the Kingman Chamber of Commerce

  • •  Past board member of the Mohave County Fairgrounds

  • •  The Kingman Aero Club


Dave was introduced to and joined the AAC West team in 2013.


Dave and his wife, Elizabeth, graduated from UCM in Warrensburg, MO.Dave attained a B.S in Math and General Science. Elizabeth has a B.A. inEnglish and History. They have traveled the US, lived in several states,finally settling in Colorado Springs in 1994.


Dave looked at alternative building materials, and then built their ownsteel­framed house. They also recycled by saving, moving, and rebuilding another house.


Dave has experience in management and sales:

 •  Steel fabrication plant (metal buildings)

 •  Government software engineering projects

 •  Several private company communication projects

 •  Insurance (health, life, P & C) agency

 •  Health care products and equipment

 •  Building projects (4 houses)


Dave is active in family, community, clubs, church, networking, and sales.

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